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Business telephone systems

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TELEPHONE Systems in oxford

TELEPHONE systemS TO keep YOU connected

Every business needs a reliable system that will keep them connected to their customers.

Whether it’s a cloud (VOIP) or premise based solution that you require, we can get you up and running with the essential features required to run your team including auto attendance, personalised voicemail, extension calling, call distribution and call monitoring.

Yealink IP Telephone


Traditional telephone systems that can be found in most premises often have high up-front installation & equipment costs. On the upside, you have an overview of all of your equipment and have complete control of its running. You also get very feature-rich configuration capabilities that cloud-hosted systems are currently unable to offer.


Cloud-hosted systems require only the handsets and an internet connection on the premises. You can take your business calls on the go using an app and monitor or configure changes on your system through a web browser. With its built-in disaster recovery, you can quickly divert all calls to another site or number if you are unable to access your office.

Tailored telephone systems

We first look at what your current needs are and the future capacity that is needed.  Once we know this, we start looking at the best solution to suit your needs. This may be a traditional telephone system or a modern cloud-based VOIP telephone system.

We never try to sell equipment that is not required. For example, we will first add new extensions and program your current system to assess whether minimal adjustments are all that is needed to get the telephones ringing.

Contact us today

If you are unsure of the service or install that you require, we can conduct an on-site survey at no cost, providing you with a no-obligation quote. If you are based in or around Oxford, get in touch with our engineers today.