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Can you fix poorly installed fibre optics ?

Re terminated broken fibre optic cables

The short answer is yes. Sometimes when there has been a poor fibre install it is best to re-terminate the whole lot.

Redbeard IT recently surveyed a fibre issue in Chipping Norton, Oxford. They wanted to upgrade their cameras in remote places but on a survey, they thought there was not enough fibre to separate the networks from the gate control. We discovered that they actually had enough but the fibre had been installed poorly. They had 3 cables which were OM3 4 core multimode fibre running to each location.

The issue was the fibre had been stripped to its cores and only one was fitted with an SC connector. The other 3 spare cores were taped back and were not accessible or usable. Another issue was that the extremely delicate fibre cores were completely exposed. Anyone doing work in this area would always have a risk of accidentally damaging the exposed cores.


How do you fix broken fibre cores?

In this case, we sent our best fibre optic engineer (based in Witney, Oxfordshire) to fix the mess and re-terminate the fibre.

The solution involved cutting and removing the damaged and poorly installed fibre. Once this was done we could re-terminate the newly exposed fibre using a method called fusion splicing. This gives the best results with the lowest attenuation (power loss). We also terminated the fibre in a new LC patch panel. This protects the fibre and the exposed fibre cores but most importantly, it provides a solution for using patch leads to connect to the fibre. This was ideal as the CCTV company could be informed of the fibre connectors specs and how many spare chores there were. Once we tested the new connections we provided the pass results and a few days later the CCTV was installed using the newly resurrected fibre cores

Unsure about fibre optics

If you are unsure about fibre you can read our fibre optic cabling page which will give you a better idea of how it works. We also provide excellent fibre repairs throughout Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas.

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