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Is a Cloud Hosted Telephone System right for my business?

What is a Cloud Hosted Telephone System?

In its simplest form, a cloud hosted telephone system gives your business all the features of a traditional office based system without needing the large equipment on your premises. Your business/home telephones connect to the cloud server over the internet. All you need for the connection is an IP telephone or a device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop and you can make and receive calls.

How Does the Telephone System Work?

As mentioned above, one of the key features to this setup is that you can use an IP telephone or a smart app which turns any laptop or device into your business phone using your existing internet connection. You don’t need large expensive equipment installed in your office and the IP telephones can run off your existing computer network cabling.

Why Should I Use a Cloud System?

The personalised recorded business voicemail, voicemail to email and the auto attendant feature with personalised recorded messages e.g., “Press 1 for sales and 2 for accounts” can be priceless to companies of any size.

Remote Workers

For the person on the move, being able to answer any business line whilst out of the office and having a professional geographic number to publish can make all the difference.

Small Businesses/Home Users

Cloud systems are invaluable to small businesses. You can select a premium business number like Redbeard IT’s “01993 323800” or even a “0800” number. This gives you the professional image needed when advertising your services with business cards, on websites and on sign-written vehicles, rather than displaying a mobile number which can deter some clients. The advertised number will link directly to your hosted telephone system to route calls to your chosen device. You can even make calls displaying this chosen number from your smartphone using the app or office phone.


Disaster Recovery Backup/Stay Connected to Clients

For a small to medium business, staying connected has never been more important. A cloud based system has this in mind: with its disaster recovery backup, you can keep staff connected to your clients at all times.

With a traditional telephone setup, if you suffer a power outage or you are unable to access your office/lines, you cannot talk to your clients. You would have phone your telephone service provider and ask for a temporary line divert which costs a fee and takes time to set up. With a cloud hosted system, if you suffered the same trouble you would be able to answer your line instantly via any device you have set up with the smart app. If your power goes out you can instantly divert calls to your mobile app for free with ease.

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