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The Implications of a Messy Server Rack

Tidying a messy data cabinet

It is quite common for non-technical employees to be assigned the responsibility of internal tech support within small businesses. This isn’t always a problem. It can save on the cost of expensive engineer call-outs and tasks such as troubleshooting a faulty PC or connecting a new telephone can often be completed with a little patience and persistence. The problems, however, arise in those instances that they have been instructed the words everyone has heard, “Please can you reboot your router!”

In these cases, there will be no Communications Engineer maintaining the server rack, and a neglected data cabinet can lead to a whole bag of problems. Simple tasks such as gaining access to a router, modem or switch is near impossible and there is a high risk of inadvertently disconnecting the wrong cable and bringing the whole office network down.

This is exactly what had happened during a recent call-out and we were called in to fix the mess. During the inspection, it was clear that more space was needed for the communications hardware and cables. There were layers upon layers of hardware hidden and the cables were shoved in tight. We replaced the existing comms rack for a larger unit to also house the CCTV. We then added more cable management to hold the cables in their places and keep the patch leads under control. The work was carried out overnight meaning the office suffered no downtime during business hours.

The end result was exactly what the customer wanted and needed; easy access to all equipment ensuring labels could be used for the quick identification of switches (less chance of taking down the network) and the ability to easily connect and patch in new pcs, telephones and equipment.

Before Redbeard IT

After Redbeard IT

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