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Installing a fibre optic cable to a barn for superfast fast WiFi

A residential customer had converted the barn at the end of their house into an outside living space with an office. They contacted Redbeard IT for advice on installing a fast internet connection to this converted barn. We advised that their electrician prepared the required cables from the main house through ducts in the ground, ready for us to terminate the cables to industry standard for optimum performance and safety. We always recommend preparing the site this way as it is the most cost-effective option for the client when an electrician is already working on site.

Singlemode fibre cables are advised for 90 metres or more

We advised the client that singlemode fibre cables would be their best option for a fast internet connection. This is due to the distance between the router in the house and the termination point in the barn being more than 100 metres. Copper cables (commonly used in ethernet cabling) were not feasible as they are only rated to provide a fast network for distances under 90 metres.

*Mistakenly, most understand the specification of Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7 cables as being industry rated up to 100 metres without taking into account that this includes 5 metres of patching at either end of the cable, bringing the actual distance between points down to 90 metres.

Once the electricians had finished their site prep, we arrived on site to complete the network installation and begin terminating the fibre cable.

We connected one end of the fibre optic cable to the router in the main building using a media converter, a tool which converts light signals into electronic signals. This is necessary for fibre cables as information is transmitted through the medium of light, whereas copper cables, which are used within a house, transmit information as electronic signals.

The other end of the fibre optic cable was terminated in the barn conversion, where we fitted a small switch and installed a wireless access point (WAP). The client’s barn conversion now had a fast internet connection with WiFi, helping them to achieve their plans to let it as an AirBnB space with great WiFi.

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