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cloud hosted telephone systems

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CLOUD BASED telephone systems

A cloud hosted telephone system is a modern business solution that can be tailored to your needs. It has a feature-rich platform much like a traditional phone system but it is run on a cloud-based server. You can connect and receive calls using an IP telephone, computer, smart phone or tablet, giving you extra versatility.

A key feature to cloud hosted telephone systems is that with access to an internet connection or a 3G/4G/5G signal, you can reach your customers from anywhere!

A Modern solution

In an ever-changing world which defines the market, a cloud hosted telephone system will help your business to remain flexible. With our solution, you can keep your existing landline number and any freephone numbers that you may have; we can simply move them onto the cloud for you!

Yealink IP Telephone

Why choose a cloud based telephone system?

Remote Workers

On the road? Take your business with you. Receive calls from a smart phone using our mobile app. Remote workers and staff working from home can also connect this way, keeping you flexible.

Disaster Planning

Resilient access from anywhere. Does your business contingency/risk plan include your telephone systems? With a cloud hosted telephone system, when disaster strikes you can stay connected from anywhere using a 3G/4G/5G internet connection.

Call Bundles

We supply UK landline and mobile calls bundle packages for an all-inclusive, fully covered solution. Get in touch with our team to discuss which of our solutions is best for your business.


Is a cloud based system right FOR YOUR BUSINESS?

There are two main options when looking into a business telephone system; premise based and cloud based, each with its own unique features. We can assess your current communications setup and provide advice on which solution would best suit your needs. If you are based in or around Oxford, get in touch today!