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Network and data cable

Testing and repair services

Data cable

Testing Services

Data cable testing is hugely important in any situation whether it’s testing new installs or identifying breaks and faults. Redbeard IT provide a data cable testing and repair service in Oxford using specialist data cable testing equipment.

Data cable Testing Services and repair

At Redbeard IT we robust data cable testing services from testing a new install to ensure each port is working or certification testing to meet the manufacturer’s test limits and provide a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee. We can also use specialist equipment to quickly identify cable damage, breaks and repair any faults to get you back online. We can test Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A.

emergency Repair!

At Redbeard IT we understand the importance of fibre and the fact that sometimes fibre faults cannot wait. This is the main reason why we provide around the clock emergency fibre repair services. We can quickly identify and repair fibre faults using our specialist testing equipment. Get in touch and find out more.

Certification Testing

If you have any of the following: Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6A installed in your property, there is only one way to guarantee that the infrastructure can support the speeds and reliability your network needs. That is Certification testing. Using specialist equipment, (followed by appropriate training) we can test every aspect of a cable system. These tests will include, overall cabling, modules, patch panels and patch leads. All tests are performed to Industry Standards. This is hugely important with any system using 10GBASE-T applications. When we provide a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, all the results are sent off for approval, further validating that an installation is of high quality.

Certification Testing

Fault finding and repair

Most general cabling faults will go unnoticed for years and will slowly appear when higher speeds and new equipment are connected. Some of the most common faults we find are poorly terminated cabling or broken modules. With testing, these faults can be quickly identified and repaired. In leased properties, you will often take over old cabling and a common service we provide is to test all data points and repair any faults ready for them to move in.

Poorly terminated patch panel

Data cable Breaks and Repairs

Sometimes due to maintenance and building works or rodent damage, data cables can become damaged and in worst cases have an unknown location. We use specialised equipment that can quickly pinpoint where any broke or damage is and repair quickly to minimise any downtime. We also provide an emergency call-out around the clock for circumstances where there copper cabling is the backbone of the network.